About Us

UCLA enjoys worldwide fame and prestige as an outstanding public institution of higher education, research, public service and sports activities. This has created a large demand for products bearing the "UCLA" trademarks. The University's licensing program, operated by UCLA Trademarks & Licensing – a division of ASUCLA – conducts a domestic and international trademark licensing program to promote, protect and enhance this reputation by ensuring the "UCLA" name and trademarks appear only on quality products. Revenues from the sales of UCLA licensed products play a large role in perpetuating Bruin pride and spirit. Each time an authentic product is purchased, dollars go to enhance campus facilities, student activities and athletic and alumni programs.


The Collegiate Licensing Company represents UCLA's domestic licensing program. The first step for obtaining a UCLA product license is to fill out CLC's licensing application and follow the submission guidelines. Each applicant is required to include a processing fee along with a representative sample of each product category/item to be licensed. Each proposal/application will be reviewed by CLC and UCLA Trademark staff. Those companies that are approved will be issued a license. Please contact Cindy Holmes directly if you are interested in obtaining a license for an international territory.

For promotional or advertising requests, please contact UCLA Trademarks & Licensing directly.


The following outlines the general terms which appear in the Standard License Agreement, approved by the Office of the General Counsel of the Regents of the University of California.

The license will specify the Trademarks and the specific Products that can be used.

The Territory or specific geographic area in which the licensee is given exclusive or non-exclusive right to manufacture and distribute is defined. Domestic licenses are nonexclusive and export is strictly prohibited.

The term or length of contract is specified along with a royalty rate which is paid on the wholesale cost of all products sold.

A non-refundable Advance payment is required which is applied to future royalty obligations and the guaranteed annual minimum is determined by category.

Royalty Reporting and Payment is required quarterly no later than 30 days after the end of each period.

Comprehensive general or commercial Liability Insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000.00 is required, naming the Regents of the University of California as additional-insured.

Approvals must be obtained on anything that is developed with the "UCLA" Marks prior to any sale or distribution. The licensee is required to submit all advertising, marketing and products for approval at various stages of development. In addition, all products must bear the appropriate trademark designations, "Official Licensed Product" and Licensee identification.This is in order to assure the continuity of quality and image for which the trademarks are known.

The University of California actively enforces the ownership and proper use of its marks, names, symbols, and UCLA Trademarks & Licensing polices the market – on campus and off – to ensure that there is no unauthorized or unlicensed use.