Stock Photography

NEW! You can now order your image online! Click here to view and shop for your perfect image! It's quick and easy.

You can also reach our offices by telephone, fax or e-mail. We can make an appointment for you to come in and select the perfect image for your needs. Please describe the kind of images you are looking for, including the way you would like to receive your images (color or black & white prints, color slides, or high resolution scans). If your needs are very specific, research fees may apply, and your request may take additional time. Usage fees vary depending on the nature of the intended use of the images. Commercial use of identifiable UCLA images may be subject to licensing approval and fees.

Event, Studio, Location, and Sports Photography:

Please contact UCLA Photography as soon as possible before your event. The earlier you reach us, the better the chance of securing a photographer. When we call to confirm, the photographer will discuss with you the kinds of images you would like to see and any special needs. For UCLA clients, Low Value Orders (LVOs), PAC numbers and some re-charge numbers can be used for payment. For off-campus clients, we accept cash and checks.