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July 25, 2011 Buying books is a last resort for many Bruins as lending, renting and simply going without become increasingly attractive options
Latest increase in tuition has Bruins finding many new ways to spend less on their reading materials

July 20, 2011 USAC Recap – July 19

July 6, 2011 USAC Recap – July 5

June 27, 2011 The Ecology, Economy, Equity community garden on the Hill enables UCLA students to grow their own sustainable food
UCLA’s Ecology, Economy, Equity group runs a community plot at Sunset Canyon Recreation Center

June 21, 2011 USAC Recap – June 21

June 1, 2011 Make FlyAway part of Van Nuys route

June 1, 2011 Homeless Bruins need joint effort
Faculty, student groups should create a united program that offers food, housing, advocacy

May 31, 2011 USAC Recap – May 31

May 31, 2011 UCLA community proposes solutions to save FlyAway shuttle service

May 23, 2011 ASUCLA-run restaurants to increase food prices in June

May 11, 2011 Judicial Board to investigate CAC Commissioner Shah for potential conflict of interest

May 11, 2011 USAC shifts duties to new council amid concerns over unity as power transfers to Bruins United
Final meeting for 2010-11 student government addresses some concerns about unity as the balance of power transfers to BU

May 6, 2011 Slate gets first USAC majority in four years

May 5, 2011 Election Board enforces sanctions on USAC candidates for campaign violations
Students file complaints against Students First! and Bruins United candidates for violating rules

May 5, 2011 Graduate Students Association election has low voter turnout

May 5, 2011 Bruins United takes seven of 10 contested offices in USAC election landslide

May 4, 2011 Conflict-of-interest clause added to USAC bylaws

May 3, 2011 Swart withdraws from race, endorses Resnick

May 2, 2011 USAC candidates present platforms, answer questions and debate on the Hill

May 2, 2011 Presidential candidates rally votes – Emily Resnick

May 2, 2011 Presidential candidates rally votes – Matt Spring

May 2, 2011 Presidential candidates rally votes – Adam Swart

May 2, 2011 Presidential candidates rally votes – Daniel Yadegari

April 28, 2011 USAC platforms take on big projects
Administrative representative warns that candidates should prioritize and compromise

April 27, 2011 Bruins United, Students First! slates to focus on their past success

April 27, 2011 Guide to student government

April 26, 2011 USAC still looking for replacement financial supports commissioner

April 26, 2011 GSA elections begin online at MyUCLA

April 26, 2011 Bruins United campaign videos uploaded before start of campaigning
Campaign manager for some Students First! candidates files complaint with Election Board

April 22, 2011 Il Tramezzino restaurant plans to open at Anderson as soon as next week
Food trucks near the business school provide services while Il Tramezzino prepares to settle in

April 21, 2011 USAC presidential race expands to four candidates

April 20, 2011 USAC to launch the first farmers market on the Hill
Today’s event in De Neve Plaza will include 12 food and produce vendors and sustainability booths

April 15, 2011 Federal budget proposal threatens to eliminate summer Pell Grants, which could shift the cost of graduating on time to UCLA students

April 15, 2011 Letter to the editor: Vote to remove Birdie not political

April 14, 2011 USAC system still needs amending

April 13, 2011 Rustom Z. Birdie resigns from USAC after months of controversy

April 11, 2011 Judicial Board evaluates USAC Financial Supports Commissioner Rustom Z. Birdie’s relationship with Web start-up company Jobbook

April 10, 2011 Financial Supports commissioner Rustom Z. Birdie should be removed from office for dishonest conduct

April 6, 2011 USAC election night emotions run high as Emily Resnick is elected 2011-2012 president

April 6, 2011 Pressure mounts for higher public education advocates
Delegations from public college systems meet in Capitol to lobby against further budget cuts

April 3, 2011 USAC candidates’ campaigns should stick with practical, feasible plans

March 31, 2011 General Representative Emily Resnick to initiate two new campus programs

March 30, 2011 Management of campus locations to be evaluated through Student Space Initiative

March 10, 2011 ASUCLA should sell student-designed clothing in store

March 10, 2011 USAC officer Rustom Z. Birdie undergoes Judicial Board investigation

March 7, 2011 USAC aims to clarify conflict-of-interest policies

March 3, 2011 ASUCLA to make Alta Gracia apparel purchase
The decision comes after students protested for socially responsible apparel policy in campus store

March 2, 2011 USAC Recap – March 1

March 2, 2011 USAC votes to keep single transferable vote system

February 18, 2011 USAC to submit petition to Judicial Board to investigate Rustom Birdie’s alleged conflict-of-interest violation

February 18, 2011 USAC election code changes proposed to streamline voting
Process of selecting general representatives faces changes for purpose of student clarity

February 16, 2011 Students protest to demand socially responsible apparel policy from ASUCLA to support Alta Gracia

February 16, 2011 USAC holds closed session to discuss Financial Supports Comissioner Rustom Birdie’s involvement with Jobbook

February 4, 2011 UCLA enters Foursquare’s networking grid

February 3, 2011 USAC visibility needs invigoration
Student government should focus on the Hill and orientation, rather than oft-ignored Ask table

February 3, 2011 The Psykes, a band formed by UCLA students, to take the stage at Westwood Live

January 12, 2011 USAC Recap – Jan. 11

January 9, 2011 North Campus Student Center should revamp the food, not just the court
North Campus dining area should offer more diverse menus and better quality

January 5, 2011 North Campus Student Center opens after renovations

January 5, 2011 USAC Recap – Jan. 4

November 19, 2010 USAC’s plans for on-campus farmers market underway
Proposal is still pending approval, but the event could include performances as well as food

November 17, 2010 USAC holds Community Service Day
This Saturday, UCLA students have opportunity to volunteer outside Westwood in annual event

November 9, 2010 USAC offering textbook library
Beginning winter quarter, students can borrow books from Student Activities Center for free

November 3, 2010 USAC Recap – Nov. 2

October 26, 2010 USAC Recap - Oct. 26

October 22, 2010 New study lounge opens in Ackerman

October 20, 2010 USAC Recap- Oct 20

October 18, 2010 Graduate Student Association seeks to engage graduate students

October 13, 2010 USAC Recap-10/13/10

October 7, 2010 Unused student fees end in USAC surplus
Campus groups unaware of the extra money have not applied for what is annually allocated to them

October 7, 2010 Football games boost ASUCLA sales

September 28, 2010 USAC awards book money
Scholarships of $250 valid for three consecutive quarters at ASUCLA bookstore

September 27, 2010 Brought to you by usac

September 27, 2010 ASUCLA Board of Directors meeting RECAP- Sept 2010