ASUCLA Benefits U


August 11, 2001 Westwood Student Credit Union Closing Its Doors

June 11, 2001 UCLA BookZone Joins Nationwide Campaign for Literacy

June 4, 2001 The Associated Students UCLA (ASUCLA) Implements a Rigorous Energy Conservation Effort

April 23, 2001 Copelandís Sports Teams Up with the UCLA Store

April 23, 2001 The Sixth Annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books to be held April 28-29

March 1, 2001 Associated Students UCLA Set to Unveil Student Artwork

March 1, 2001 Associated Students UCLA Joins the Campus Recycling Effort

March 1, 2001 UCLA College Bowl Team Beats USC to Win Regional Tournament

March 1, 2001 ASUCLA Turaround Takes Hold $2.25 Million Improvement in First Six Months

January 17, 2001 Chalk It Up to Student Interest: ASUCLA Adds Billiards to its Recreational Services

November 13, 2000 UCLA Stores Remove Over-the-Counter Drugs Containing Substance Believed to Increase Risk of Stroke in Young Women

November 7, 2000 Northern Lights: An Artistís Haven

October 24, 2000 No More Bad Hair Days for Bruins - Campus Cuts Opens in Ackerman Union

October 16, 2000 The UCLA Store is "Monkeying" Around

October 9, 2000 UCLA BookZone Author Series Prepares for the Fall Season

September 25, 2000 Djangos Moby Disc to Open September 25, 2000

September 20, 2000 Holey Doughnut Heaven! Krispy Kreme Comes to UCLA

August 1, 2000 Welcome to Summer in the Union 2000